To apply to any of the scholarships/awards below, click here. When you log-in, you will see a list of the scholarship opportunities on the right-hand side of the page. Please, only apply for one award–the one you feel best matches your circumstances.

NEWCA Scholarship

The NEWCA Scholarship is awarded to presenters from groups and institutions under-represented in mainstream writing center work.  We are using the term “under-represented” to refer to individuals from socio-cultural groups under-represented in writing center work, and to institutions under-represented, such as high school writing centers, historically black institutions, urban institutions, and community colleges.*

Robert J. Connors Memorial Scholarship

The Robert J. Connors Memorial Scholarship is awarded to first-time NEWCA presenters who are currently working in a writing center.  Robert J. Connors (1951-2000), was an influential composition historian and a professor and writing center director at the University of New Hampshire, who contributed to the promotion and growth of NEWCA from the mid-1980s to the year of his death in May 2000. We honor his many contributions to NEWCA through this memorial scholarship, established in 2002.*

*The NEWCA Scholarship and the Robert J. Connors Memorial Scholarship is set at a maximum of $400 for individuals and a maximum of $800 for a group (the group must consist of at least four presenters). Winners are selected based on their presentations’ contribution to writing center practice and research. Applicants will be required to submit a budget of expected costs for attending the conference.

Will Hochman Awards

The Will Hochman Awards will be offered to offset costs of attending the NEWCA conference. These costs include conference registration, travel, and lodging. Applicants are required to submit a budget of expected costs and provide a short (one-two paragraph) rationale for their request.

This award is open to presenters and attendees and is capped at $125.