Founded in 1983, the Northeast Writing Centers Association (NEWCA) is a regional affiliate of the International Writing Centers Association (IWCA). NEWCA has a long history of fostering collaboration among writing center practitioners and scholars throughout New England and New York. Members include administrators and staff of writing centers and persons interested in writing centers. NEWCA membership consists of, but is not limited to, individuals from Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, Rhode Island, and Vermont.

NEWCA is committed to ethical and just organizational practices that promote social justice and inclusion within our organization and our larger community, prioritize responsible management of our resources as a non-profit, and advocate for the development and flourishing of our membership and their centers.  To these ends, we commit to:

  • Enacting anti-racist practices in our organizational structure, mission, goals, and initiatives.
  • Sponsoring programming in the New England and New York region and welcoming participants of all levels of expertise and institutional types (K – 12, two-year and four-year colleges and universities).
  • Providing professional development opportunities for all writing center workers, including: tutors, directors, coordinators, faculty, staff, and instructors.
  • Supporting the ethical and sustainable creation of writing centers by providing mentorship and resources.
  • Encouraging and funding research that is nuanced, methodologically thoughtful, and oriented towards social justice.
  • Advocating for writing centers by providing resources and mentorship for fair labor practices, hiring processes, tenure and promotion, high impact tutoring practices, etc.